Dia Viou Mathisi (Lifelong Learning)

CYCLISIS is an independent, non-profit organization, active in the fields of education, culture and the environment, in the wider area of the municipality of Patras. It is an active Institution at national and European level which focuses on cross-cultural awareness through research, education and practice, lifelong learning and equal opportunities in education.

Additional aim of the Institution is to bring people and organizations, from both culture and education sector, in contact with business and community representatives at local, regional, national and international level. Its activities are: European projects’planning and implementation, research, monitoring and evaluation, networking, publishing, campaign development by practicing and organizing events for the awareness and the sensitization of the Civil Society. Together with its partners the organization conceives, organizes and coordinates projects regarding non-formal adult education and training, educational policy, intercultural dialogue, sustainability and innovation, European conferences.Its plan within the framework of European mobility is the training of its staff and its members, by participating in training programs that provide theoretical and practical knowledge (workshops) in the direction of the educational-cultural development and the internationalization of our Organization.

The continuous training of its members in an international context, therefore, allows to CYCLISIS to provide efficient, effective and modernized education to its trainees, which is the mile stone of this project. The first goal is, through the continuous training, the self-improvement and the feedback of our staff, to improve both the quality characteristics of our Organization and the services provided to our target groups. The second is the enhancement of the European/international dimension of CYCLISIS and the networking, via contact with people and organizations that work in the same context as we do, within an international environment.

The activity CYCLISIS has chosen in order to accomplish its goals is Structured Courses/Training Events abroad (for example: Train the trainer, Managing Cross Cultural Issues in Education, Understand Yourself, Understand Your Learners (Enneagram), etc.) which deal with issues such as: Vocational guidance and counseling, Pedagogy and teaching methods, Institution improvement and quality evaluation, Holistic approach in education, Association between the education and the labor market, Intercultural education/Fight Racism.

The way the plan is going to be implemented is: the selection of the appropriate seminars, the preparation of the participants both from our institution and the course provider, monitoring the participants during the courses, the dissemination of their results within our Institution and at national and international level, as well as the evaluation of the project.

The expected results of the project are: as regards the participants, improvement of their personal and professional skills/behaviors.

As far as CYCLISIS is concerned, the improvement and the enhancement of quality and professional development of the Institution, both locally and internationally, as well as the improvement of the provided services to target groups at all levels of our activity. At European and international level, the desired impact is the improvement and the enhancement of our Institution’s position in the international environment, as well as the greatest possible publication and dissemination of the results of this activity. At national, regional and local level, to improve the Institution’s services, the strengthening of its professional profile and the publication and dissemination of the results envisaged to a large part of the population.Long-term benefits can be considered partnerships CYCLISIS is possible to make with international institutions over the time.



In the website you can find testimonies of the people that participated in the trainings & resources relevant to the trainings carried out