European Commission

LIREA (Life Is REborn from the Ash) is an AMIF project that aims to inform and educate on the phenomenon of human trafficking as well as implement educational activities for the social support of victims in order to integrate to the host society and achieve independence.


Supporting the development of digital skills of young adults from underrepresented social groups

Support for autistic people through their life transitions

Roadmap of Digital professions

Training model for the support and employment of youth workers

Youth exchange in Belgium for gender awareness and equality through theater

Youth exchange in France for gender awareness and equality through art

Training of adult education staff

EEA Grants

Increasing the awareness and importance of active citizenship to young students

Bringing people together through lifelong learning

Other/older calls

Youth exchange for volunteering for people with special needs

Raising awareness on the importance of active involvement in society

Support for the recognition of talents of young students

Learning about active citizenship through film viewing