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Who? What? Where? 
This exchange is a follow up of a project that took place in autumn 2017.
we will gather 28 participants from the age of 18 to 25 year coming from 4 countries : Serbia, Belgium, France, and Greece
Every partner gets the chance to bring 6 youngsters and 1 groupsleader.
The exchange will be settled in Belgium. In the youthcenter Destelheide in Dworp, close to Brussels.

Aims of the project: 
> Talk about gender equality with young people
> Raise awareness about current inequalities.
> Question gender stereotypes through playfull activities and educational materials

Activities program: 
– Intercultural meetings on the theme : intercultural activities, theoretical knowledge and work with materials
– Co-construction and common creation of a theatre scene based on participants’ experience (Physical theatre).
– Performance by the participants of the theatre scene in Destelheide (forum theatre, participatory theatre)

Results and impacts on long term are: 
– raising awareness on the topic so that projects on this theme can be developed at local level within the different structures in the different countries.
– raise awareness on the topic and create debate on the theme within young visitors of Destelheide.

Expected results and impacts: 
– Young participants and youth workers acquired some theoretical knowledge on the theme and are aware of the transnational dimension of gender inequalities.
– The youngsters understood the importance and legitimacy to question on men and women representations, relationships and stereotypes.
– Young participants organize in their own structure an activity on the same topic towards young people in order to disseminate their knowledge.
– Youth workers developed and consolidated their understanding on the thematic and can implement projects or activities when back in their own structure.

Working language: 
English – all participants must be able to communicate using English language.

from 12th till 19th of August 2018 (travel dates included)

Destelheide – Belgium

vzw ADJ/Destelheide, Belgium
Ligue de l’enseignement – fail 13, France
Cyclisis, Greece
Ustanova Studentski Kulturnu Centar, Serbia

Project number: 2018-1-BE05-KA105-002407

You can also check out the video by Barbara Jovanovic (EVS in Destelheide) made with footage from the workshops of the exchange: https://www.facebook.com/Destelheide/videos/249963292370297/

For  more information concerning the theater techniques, you can take a look at the links below: